Talkin’ Tomatos

At the recent Tomato Forum in Cologne it became crystal clear that the challenges agriculture faces around the globe now have arrived in the food industry.

With prolonged droughts followed by severe rains or even hail storms during climate change has arrived. With rapid consolidation, roller coaster tariffs and permanent repositioning of global players China has arrived. With rising production costs and labour laws human rights have arrived. With sudden collapse of known brands and new retail channels picking up the pace demographic change has arrived.

But tomato producers and the packing industries do not just see red. The solutions are not easy but well known.

  • Product diversification including applications of tomato products for ┬ánew markets such as beauty and care or bioenergy
  • Total transparency connecting the entire supply chain from farm to fork going beyond certification towards blockchain technologies and engagement of the public
  • Peer to peer solutions involving growers, consumers and suppliers to the industry with fair competition on eye level

The main objective? Go beyond quick gains and work towards the most robust business model. The tomato industry has a long heritage to build on.