Where do the seminars take place?

The classes and sessions are typically conducted in-house at the clients premisses.

However, we recommend to pick an inspiring spot that holds the group together, keeps everyone focussed and allows for some socialising.

What are the topics?

The seminars cover customer segmentation, distributor relations, sales structure, strategy, planning, reporting, behaviour, team effectiveness, conversation skills, dealing with objections, getting appointments, coaching, personal balance, agribusiness and more.

Please look up the individual classes in the course menu.
All courses can be combined as you prefer.

Who attends?

Our clients are typically senior sales managers and candidates for such positions across the wider agriculture and life science arena. We have worked with global players and start-ups, commodity traders, IT and biotech firms, producers of specialty ingredients and distributors of machinery and farm supplies.  

Who is the trainer?

Michael Spandern, agronomist, brewer & distiller shares years of commercial experience in sales and senior management. He has undergone intensive education and training on sales, leadership and coaching. Michael is not only a regular speaker at industry conferences but also a professional drummer and brings to the class quite some insight about performing in front of people.

What about confidentiality?

While we talk a lot about product, places, people and prices we can do it all without naming names, companies or any technical and commercial details. Off course a non-disclosure agreement can be arranged. 

How long are the classes?

Typically one whole day per module

Is there a shorter version?

Yes, and no. It is possible. But it has proven most effective to spend some time on the subject. We could throw in a teaser at another meeting, if you like.

Is this coaching?

Well, coaching methods come into play and we also discuss how to coach reports, peers and superiors but it is just one aspect. We take a more holistic approach to relationship management including some purely administrative techniques. 


What about the costs?

Needles to say the programme is totally cost effective. Sales managers that have undergone the training are more focussed and vigorously drive sales. The great advantage is that we have no legal fees or hidden overhead.
Our renumeration is fully transparent. Ask us!

What about payment?

Our clients are invoiced in their local currency. 

We accept international transfer via bank wire, cheques, PayPal and all major credit cards.

What else would you like to know?

Let us know!

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