7 Point Crisis Management Plan

In case something unexpected happens to your organisations it is important to have a strategy at hand.

Just follow our 7-Point Plan and all will be fine!

1. Deny something has happened

The probability that something could trigger any kind of crisis is very low. Your business is doing fine, the QA system is perfect and so far you have not had any complaints. Obviously nothing has happened.

2. Mute your phone

Why should you have to deal with this. You have more important things on you desk and off course everything is always urgent. The higher up you are in the hierarchy the less available you should be.

3. Blame competitors

Years of experience has shown that competitors are widely incompetent, mostly unfair and obvious cheaters. Whatever disturbing has happened it was one of them, for sure.

4. Complain about customers

Customer put so much pressure on the business it is hard to follow. Everything has to be cheeper, is ordered on short notice to be delivered just in time, but with no commitment whatsoever to long term relationships. No wonder things go wrong.

5. Blame the press

Reporters are just publishing freak is search for catchy headlines. They have no clue about the industry and on top of that nobody does thorough investigations anymore. Everything is called a crisis these days.

6. Restructure (fire people)

With an excellent risk management system in place you have quickly defined weak performers your are not willing to keep up the pace. With a new structure in place these are worries of the past.

Unfortunately some employees decided to continue their career elsewhere.

7. Get promoted

Having saved the organisation from harm you have deserved to take on more responsibility within the company and may humbly accept a nice raise.


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